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Who Is An Online Psychologist For?

With online therapy, wherever you are in the world, we are with you.

Who Is An Online Psychologist For?

With online therapy, wherever you are in the world, we are with you.

For Kids

Healthy individuals raise healthy children. We also provide online psychological counseling for your children.

For Teenagers

Puberty isn't always easy. You are not alone in this special period.

For Adults

We provide psychological counseling for adults. It raises healthy individuals, healthy youth and children.

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Who is an Online Psychologist? How is Online Therapy done?

Technology has developed a lot and now we can come face to face online within minutes. The digitalization accelerated by the epidemic brings together those who seek psychological support and experts who provide psychological support on the internet. Our process is very simple with 3 steps:

Choose a Psychologist

Choose the right one for you among our expert psychologists.

Make your payment

Make an appointment, pay by credit card or bank transfer.

You are ready for the session!

With uninterrupted internet connection, all you need is a cup of coffee or tea...

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What Support Can You Get?

Almost no limit! Here are some of the psychologist supports you can get online:

Meet Happy Life

Our Founder, Specialist Clinical Psychologist Burcu Yarapsanlı Zayim

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We are through the eyes of our clients.

Since 2013, we have changed many things in the lives of our clients.
In order to touch the lives of more of our clients, we have moved all our consultancy services to an online channel.

The doctor of my friend's daughter, who did not feel emotionally well after giving birth, told her that she had postpartum depression and suggested that she should receive therapy support. However, I suggested that this relative of mine, who does not want to leave the house too much, both because he needs to breastfeed his baby at frequent intervals and to protect the health of his baby and himself during the pandemic, to get online therapy support. I am very happy to see my relative, who started to feel better and establish a healthy bond with his child, very soon after starting online therapies, energetic and happy again. She is now a happy mother… Fortunately, I directed her to the Happy Life online therapy service. Thanks.
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My nephew, who lives in Malatya, is preparing for university exams this year. Although he was a very successful student, he could not get the points he wanted because he was overly excited in the exams. His guidance counselor said that he needed support to overcome the stress of the exam. While researching, I realized that the psychological support service provided by the Happy Life team through the online channel is also very professional. With the support we received online, my nephew has now started to take the practice exams more easily. Thank you so much for your support for my nephew.
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I was thinking that because of my friend's long-term troubled marriage, he and his wife should receive couples therapy support. When my friend could not persuade her husband to take her to a face-to-face session, they started to receive online support from Happy Life, in line with my suggestion. From the start they thought it wouldn't work. But it worked, and now they're a couple that communicates better with each other. I am also very happy that I helped them to be happy and gave the right direction by suggesting support from Happy Life. Thanks…
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