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From Thrace to All of Turkey

We continue our journey that we started in Tekirdağ by serving all of Turkey…

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Where does the Happy Life brand name come from?

The name of our institution is inspired by the result we aim for in the service we provide to our valued clients.

For this reason, we are here to look for the causes of the problems encountered, to find appropriate solutions, to be with you to cope with the problems and to share our support and services with you.

mutluyasam burcu yarapsanli zayimler - Our Story Mutlu Yasam


There are many sessions you can take for your child, yourself, or your family. Start renewing yourself!


Do you want to make it easier for your employees to cope with stress and increase their job performance?


We meet with our followers both online and in physical environments, and we benefit people.

Our Expert Advisors

Our expert team will support you and provide your consultancy.

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Burcu Yarapsanlı Zayim

Expert Clinical Psychologist & Author

klinik psikolog asli tanel - Our Story Mutlu Yasam
Aslı Tanel

Clinical Psychologist

gul billur gencer revize - Our Story Mutlu Yasam
Gul Billur Gencer

Clinical Psychologist

klinik psikolog nur coskun - Our Story Mutlu Yasam
Nur Coskun

Clinical Psychologist

Now or Later?

Even the longest journeys begin with a single step. Do you want support to reach your goals and dreams?