Our Values

Not Giving Fish - Teaching Fishing

When each of our clients who decide to receive psychological support starts to meet with a specialist from our institution, our specialists do not apply therapy to them for a temporary period of time, where they will feel good only as long as they receive support. Our experts apply scientific psychotherapy methods in order to understand and analyze the problems of the client without the need for psychological support in their own life, and to reach the maturity to overcome these problems.


The concept of balance is one of the most important and sensitive issues in our profession. In our psychotherapy sessions, we attach great importance to balancing our professional boundaries between the client and the therapist, even if we talk about the most private issues of our clients. This balance is the most important criterion that maintains the bond of trust between the client and the therapist. Thanks to this balance, we prevent the therapist from having anxieties such as thinking that the therapist will feel sorry for him/her, feel sorry for him/her, judge him/her, or that the therapist is listening without much care.

Solution Focused

In our institution, the problems that push each of our clients to seek support from us, “You are not helpless. You are the remedy!” We listen with the motivation that your word creates in us. Thus, in our clients, we attach importance to a solution-oriented process between the client and the therapist by focusing more on the solution of the problem, regardless of who or what caused them.


We attach importance to stretching the ways and types of reaching us in the services we offer to our clients. Even if you cannot reach us face to face, we work hard to help you with your problems in our online sessions, interviews and seminars and to come together with you with our flexible working hours.


Each client who applies to us is special, and the psychotherapy sessions we spend with each client are unique. For this reason, our psychotherapy sessions do not proceed with memorized psychotherapy sentences, but with the sentences of the subject we discussed in your life story. For this reason, not a single sentence in any of our innumerable sessions we have done so far is similar to the sentence of another session.


Hearing is the act of our ears fulfilling the task of hearing. Listening, on the other hand, is a more serious action where our minds get tired to understand what we hear. That’s why it is one of the biggest responsibilities of psychologists in their profession to listen to and understand correctly all the sentences that come out of the mouth of the clients. We are people who are willing to take this responsibility in this institution.

In our institution, we work with experts who can think multi-dimensionally and are competent in different scientific psychotherapy methods. This versatile perspective of our institution has increased our versatile service area for children-adolescents-adults-couples-family and institutions.

One of the best gifts our profession has offered to us psychologists has been to make us understand the importance of communicating correctly with each other. For this reason, we pay great attention to the communication between the client and the therapist during the sessions and the communication we establish with each other in order to come together as experts in the institution and do better work.


In our institution, we attach great importance to the power of teamwork in order to expand the service area we offer to our clients and to enrich our mission and goals with various perspectives.


By following the scientific studies in the field of psychology that will make our job better, we make an effort to use the psychotherapy competence given to us in the best way in our sessions.


All of our psychologists who see clients in our institution have graduated from the Psychology Undergraduate Program and continued their education with the Clinical Psychology Master’s program. Our specialists have been awarded the title of clinical psychologist by graduating from the Clinical Psychology Master’s program after having their thesis studies in the clinical field accepted by the higher board of their university. All of our psychologists continue to increase their professional competence by participating in various psychotherapy trainings in the field of psychology after graduation.


The most important pillar of being able to perform our profession is the issue of trust. In fact, the bond of trust between the client and the therapist begins even before the client and therapist see each other. When our client decides to get support from our institution, then he will have taken the first step that he wants to trust us by choosing us. The therapist also understands the message that the client wants to trust him before he sees the client who comes to get support from him, and this bond between the client and the therapist becomes more noticeable from the first session.


The support we provide to our clients is based on the interaction process. Feeling that we can be good to our clients as therapists is the biggest motivation for us to do this profession. The thank you sentence we have heard from countless clients whose lives we have touched so far is invaluable for us.


Our institution is not only a closed box that stores the information obtained during the sessions between the client and the therapist in accordance with the principles of confidentiality, but is also very transparent and honest about the achievements we have achieved with the services we offer. For this reason, all our expert psychologists in our institution attach importance to being open, honest and cooperative in ideas that will carry our work to more success.


The most important source of energy and motivation we feed while doing our job is to know that our job is a very, very special job. Among many professions, the fact that we are doing one of the few professions that have the competence to touch the lives of everyone from 7 to 70 is the biggest proof that shows how special our work is.


Our institution is the first psychological counseling center opened in Tekirdag in 2012 and has successfully continued its existence since the day it was opened. Behind the development of our institution with each passing year, there are hardworking, devoted, competent, energetic and sincere colleagues who have adopted the vision and mission of the institution.

Easy Accessibility

Our institution is located in one of the locations where our clients, both from within the city and from outside the city, can reach us in the most comfortable way. For this reason, we try to keep our clients who come to our institution for the first time away from stressful road situations before the session, such as not being able to find an address, being late or having traffic problems. In addition, for the purpose of experiencing chronic discomfort, being outside the city-abroad, working hours overlapping with session hours, being cautious during the pandemic process, etc. we continue to provide online psychotherapy with the same service quality as in face-to-face sessions, by applying online psychotherapy methods approved by the ethics committee to our clients who cannot come to our institution due to various reasons.

At the top of our institution’s future goals, the criterion of “Developing” is always included. We are proud of ourselves to be able to provide a better service every day by trying to improve ourselves at every opportunity in the academic, professional, professional and social fields.