Psychologist for Adults

The importance of psychotherapy for adults

Each individual writes his own story from the moment he opens his eyes to the world. Some individuals stop writing their own stories at some point in their lives and play their part in the story written for them by others. Things may not always go as the adult wants, both while writing the story or playing the role given to him. For some adults, life is very difficult from childhood, for others, a difficult life begins with marriage. While business life is very difficult for some, many phases of life have not been easy for many. The psychotherapy process plays a very important role in every person’s life in order to be able to see the beauty of this life while facing the difficulties of this life, to see not only the suffering of the world but also the joy of the world.
yetişkin psikolog terapist

What problems do adults get the most support for?

Regardless of the issues that adults have difficulty with in their lives, anything that challenges them is considered a valid reason for taking psychotherapy. Because the more adults are worn out with many issues in their lives, the more their psychological resilience in their lives begins to weaken, just like the weakening of the immune system, and this brings along many psychological disorders. The most common of these disorders are depression, generalized anxiety (anxiety) disorder, panic (attack) disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (obsessions), sleep disorders, eating disorders and anger uncontrollability. However, these ailments never remain as a single problem in an adult’s life that needs to be cured. While these problems depress the adult mentally, they can also alienate him from his social environment. In addition, it continues to affect the whole life negatively by causing communication problems in the family to the adult, ranging from sexual problems between spouses, and causing problems such as lack of attention in business life and loss of motivation.

When should adults start psychotherapy?

In my professional life, I have met with adults the most thanks to both the parents of the children, individual therapies and couple therapies, and I have observed that the adults who neglect to receive psychotherapy the most are adults. For this reason, in my eyes as an expert, this negligence actually means self-neglect of the individual, giving up on himself, sacrificing himself. So why? When we look at the law of life, even on airplanes, it is recommended that the oxygen mask be worn by the adult first, and then, if any, by the child next to him, in case of a crisis. In other words, help yourself first, breathe first so that you can be the person who helps your environment and makes your environment breathe! However, when all these are ignored by the adult, the problems begin to become pathological and it becomes even more difficult for the adult to endure spiritually. For this reason, psychological problems can be solved easily and with short-term therapies if they are intervened early from the first time they are felt. The longer the problem is postponed, the stronger it will take root in the adult’s life and these roots will be tried to be removed with longer therapies.

Why should adults get support from Mutlu Yaşam?

Adults suffer the most psychologically when they can’t talk in their lives, when they immerse themselves in it, or when they are not listened to even if they talk, or when they are not understood even if they are listened to. For this reason, an adult’s talk about what he has thrown into it meets a great rate of 50% in the healing of this wound. The remaining 25% of the feeling of well-being in the psychotherapy process is related to the correct understanding of the other person and the other 25% to the adult’s ability to correctly understand himself, why he is doing what he is doing and what he wants to do next.

When you decide to receive therapy from the Mutlu Yaşam Psychological Counseling Center, great care is taken to provide these percentages of therapy for our adult clients. For adult clients, the therapy hour is provided to feel as a private time period of their own, which gives them confidence that they can easily express their own personalities. At the end of the therapy process with adult clients in our center, it also helps the client reach the maturity to understand the source of his/her problem and to solve his/her problem on his/her own without support.